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Windows 10 Pro means business.


Carbon-Tough Yet Ultralight.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon brings you more processing power, more memory, more storage and even more performance. That’s not all….

ThinkPad Carbon helps you better protect your valuable data. With its Chip Fingerprint Reader technology, the opening key is secured in a chip rather than the software providing a more secure authentication solution, reducing the risk of fingerprint information being compromised by malware.

ThinkPad Glace software will lock your computer when the user is not in front of it. Then when the user returns the computer will unlock itself using Windows Hello.

Want to know more? Speak to a Lenovo sales representative or, you can request a quote below.

Want to see what tough PCs are made of? Check out how ThinkPad handled our stress tests:

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the way
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Why windows 10 helps
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With security solutions designed to protect the world’s largest companies and governments, everyone can breathe easy knowing they’ve got the toughest protection available

Windows 10 Pro means business.
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