Why Windows 10 Pro?

Why Windows 10 Pro ?

Windows 10 Pro has been built on a central idea of empowering people to do great things and its greatest strength is its ability to keep up with you and your business.

It is focused on productivity to match your tireless pace. It works across your Lenovo devices so you can stay mobile. It has enterprise-grade security to equal your commitment towards excellence. And it fits a variety of budgets. Above all else, it’s easy to use—so your sole focus can be on doing great things.

Hero Capabilities

Windows has amazing capabilities that provide real examples of how the product empowers people to do great things.

One Windows

Windows 10 delivers one universal app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach. Across the board, less complexity helps SMBs save time and money, so they can spend more time on innovation.

Familiar and productive user experience

  • Start Menu : Windows 10 is friendly and familiar – with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. You’ll feel like an expert from the get-go.
  • Designed for Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Edge : the all-new browser built to give you a better web experience – one that’s made for easy sharing, reading, discovery, and getting things done online.
  • Internet Explorer 11 : It’s a consistent, reliable browser for enterprise web apps*. Only Internet Explorer 11 offers the security, manageability, performance, backward compatibility, and modern standards support that large web app portfolios need. (*App experiences may vary)
  • Office for Windows : Windows 10 allows users to have the familiar Office experience
    including Office for Windows tablet and phone, which is built for touch and mobile.

Enterprise-grade security

The last few years have seen a revolution in security threats. Windows 10 goes beyond just building bigger walls and delivers entirely new ways to help protect identities, data, and devices.

  • Windows Hello & Microsoft Passport : is an easy to deploy two-factor password alternative that is accessible by using a PIN or Windows Hello (1), which provides enterprise grade security and supports fingerprint, facial, and iris based recognition
  • Enterprise Data protection : with Windows 10, it makes easier to perform data separation and containment of corporate data – wherever it might be. Unlike most 3rd party solutions, Windows does not require containers. Instead this solution helps protect data wherever it lives on the device. Windows acts as an access control broker that gates user and app access to protected data based on the policies that you define.

Why upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Moving to a device with Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro is a leap ahead, saving you time through performance improvements, better productivity for all your employees, and drastically increased data protection with enterprise-grade security features. You can also enjoy the elegance and functionality of modern devices such as ultra-thin laptops or 2-in-1s, with a familiar interface that adapts to the form factor.

The right Lenovo devices for making things happen.


Tablet : Where fast and secured meets get-it-done

ThinkPad Tablet 10

Your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 is a great companion for all the things you do. With the new feature in Windows 10 called Continuum, move easily between touch and desktop modes – your screen optimises itself instantly and beautifully (2). You can run full-version (3) or mobile Office apps. There’s an all-new browser made for all the things you do online, and a digital assistant who learns more over time to help you throughout your day (4).

2-in-1 : Laptop focus. Tablet freedom

ThinkPad Yoga

With ThinkPad Yoga, you’ve got a versatile 2-in-1 device designed to make everything you do faster and easier. Quickly reach peak productivity with new ways to organize your desktop and the ability to run full Office apps (3). Move easily from laptop to tablet – the screen instantly optimises itself to what you’re doing., enjoy a new browser built for getting things done online, and have your personal digital assistant make things easier throughout your day.(4)

Laptop : The machine of choice for getting stuff done

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Laptops are constantly getting thinner, lighter with longer battery life and Windows 10 enables you to keep up with this trend. There’s so much you can do on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Windows 10. Run familiar Office apps (3) on a desktop that’s more organised than ever – see your tasks in a single view, snap up to four apps at once, and create more desktop when you need more space.

AIO : Your big screen, high powered hub for greater impact

ThinkCentre M93z AIO

Here’s the perfect hub for all the things you do individually or together. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z AIO large screen is great for showing off your technology and getting things done. Snap up to four apps at once in a single view, including tasks, for better multi-tasking, and even add more desktops to keep things organized (2). Enjoy a better web with an all-new browser that gives you a distraction-free reading mode and the ability to make notes directly on webpages. You will like fast start-ups, powerful security features and automatic updates that help you stay current.

Mini desktops: Lose the tower. Gain the power to do more.

ThinkCentre TIO

This full-power, small-size Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO PC is a great way to experience Windows 10. Plug in a monitor and keyboard and you’re ready to go: fast start-ups, powerful security, and automatic updates to help you stay current. Stay productive with great multi-tasking features, an all-new browser built for the things you do online, and a digital assistant (4) to help get stuff done. And because Windows is compatible with more hardware and software, your new desktop will work with more of what you already have. And it can be configured with high-end processors and other components, yet it is compact enough to mount to the back of your monitor so it’s out of sight.

(1) Windows Hello requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other biometric sensors
(2) App experiences may vary.
(3) Office license sold separately
(4) Cortana available in select markets at launch; experience may vary by region and device.