How a 360° Approach to Security Can Benefit You

In today’s data-driven mobile world, serious security threats are everywhere. Stolen devices; phishing; ransomware; online transaction fraud; cloud attacks… the list goes on.

Lenovo’s Security Philosophy

Lenovo believes that a 360° approach to security is essential – encompassing all aspects and elements. If you focus on just a few security components, you’ll be left exposed.

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This white paper explains how to align with global governance regulations while adopting a holistic approach to security.


This infographic shows why devices are an important part of your security strategy and the key features you need to look for to stay protected.


This ebook outlines key cybersecurity threats and challenges facing firms in the context of GDPR requirements.


Making the Security Philosophy a Reality:
Lenovo's 360° Approach

When you choose Lenovo as your solution provider, you incorporate the 360° security approach into your organisation.

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User Access Control

Ensure PC access for authorised personnel only with these features:


Lenovo leads in multi factor authentication features:

  • Match on Chip Fingerprint Reader (MoC FPR): highest level security fingerprint technology on a PC; biometric credentials are stored on a separate chip, making it almost impossible to hack into.
  • Intel® Authenticate: gives flexibility to create and deploy customised hardened multifactor authentication policies to enforce user identity protection for access to the corporate domain, network, and VPN; protects identity and secures data.
  • A highly secure way of storing login information in tamper-proof cards.
  • Can also be used to manage access to multiple devices without using passwords.
  • Directly implements a two-factor authentication policy, ensuring that devices are averse to threats.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) is a type of radio communication standard, much like Bluetooth, WiFi, and other networking technologies.
  • To snag the NFC signal to log in, the user needs to be physically close to the company’s PC, with the right NFC tag or secondary device.
  • Without the tag, it is impossible to hack into a device.

Port and Physical Protection

Prevent data theft from USBs or other access ports, prevent component theft, and block user eyeing with:


Blocks the data transfer capability of the USB port but keeps the ports functional for input devices like mouse and keyboard.

A padlock restricts access to the cover and chassis, prevents hard drive access, and theft of components.

  • Camera hacking risks can be avoided by physically covering the camera.
  • With the shutter built into the camera, protecting privacy just requires closing the camera shutter; no more worries about anyone eyeing the user.

Data Protection

Prevent data theft and loss with the following:

  • Full Drive Encryption (FDE) encrypts all data on hard drives, without the use of third party encryption solutions
  • No initial setup or ‘enable encryption’ is required; in fact, it is not possible to disable encryption on an FDE hard drive.
  • To completely protect data, a hard drive password prevents unauthorised booting and accessing data; full disk encryption prevents more sophisticated attacks.
  • The hard drive passwords have no effect on the encryption key. The passwords can be changed without risking loss of data.

The dTPM 2.0 chip encrypts all user data on the PC automatically.

  • Lenovo’s Online Data Backup (OLDB) is a simple, automatic and secure cloud backup solution for desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Ensures your business-critical information is safe and secure (MIL-SPEC encryption).
  • Requires no capital expenditure for hardware; low upfront investment with minimal maintenance overhead.
  • Total Cost of Ownership savings is more than 30%1 relative to in-house backup solutions.
  • Relative to tape-based approaches, OLDB is more efficient, less intensive for the operator, and less prone to human error.
  • Allows backups to be set to run automatically, enabling greater employee compliance.




1Based on internal Lenovo records

  • Lenovo Hard Disk Drive Retention service offers hardware maintenance or maintenance upgrade coverage in an electronic format.
  • If the internal hard disk drive (HDD) or internal solid state drive (SSD) fails during warranty, Hard Disk Drive Retention lets customers keep the old drive to retain sensitive data within the organisation.




Pro SSD Integration with Intel® Remote Secure Erase from Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT): integrated platform capabilities and popular third-party management and security applications; allows IT or managed service providers to better discover, repair, and help protect their networked computing assets.

Lenovo's End-to-end Portfolio

As the world’s #1 commercial PC company, we have unrivaled capability to deliver a total technology ecosystem, equal to the challenges of fast-evolving commercial environments. For businesses seeking to enable innovation and value while ensuring reliability and security, we offer global scale security solutions throughout their life cycle.

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Key Security Features:

Remote Data Wipe powered by Intel AMT | Fingerprint Reader | Think Shutter Camera

Key Security Features:

Trusted Platform Module for Data Encryption | Smart USB Protection

Key Security Features:

Physical Camera Shutter | Active Protection System | Touch Type Fingerprint Reader


Lenovo devices powered by up to 8th Gen Intel® Core processors are enabled with Intel® Active Management Technology that allows IT pros to manage computers remotely and out-of-band. Lenovo and Intel’s partnership ensures that devices have simplified access management with robust security.


Lenovo builds devices with Persistence from Absolute embedded into the firmware.

This gives enterprises visibility they can act on:
to protect every endpoint, remediate vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance in the face of insider and external threats.

Persistence from Absolute sets the new standard for endpoint visibility and control with self-healing endpoint security and always-connected IT asset management to protect devices, data, applications and users – on and off the network.

Lenovo Unified Workspace

Lenovo Unified Workspace enables organisations to securely deliver the right apps and content, to the right users – anytime, anywhere on any device. So your workforce can have the flexibility, policies and tools they need to be more creative, productive and collaborative.

Seamless Access: legacy Windows apps and private or public cloud apps all in one workspace for the user.

OS Agnostic: works the same on Windows 7 as it does on Android, iOS, Mac OS or Windows 10.

Smooth Experience: a consistent experience on corporate-issued machines or mobile/BYOD.

Easy Integration: available on-premises with your existing infrastructure or as a hosted solution managed by Lenovo.

table_icon_1 Encryption Service: highest level of software-based encryption for end-point devices, as well as central management of all self-encrypting drives (SEDs); enhanced capability of OS built-in encryption such as Bitlocker and integrated, unique functionality for Lenovo devices.
table_icon_2 Keep Your Drive (KYD) Service: to dispose of business data on the organisation’s terms; drive and data stays within corporate custody, improving security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks. KYD is purchased with the system and coverage continues for the duration of the system’s limited warranty, even if the hard disk drive has been replaced. KYD covers multiple drives in a system and multiple failures.
table_icon_3 Product End-of-Life Management (PELM): the reuse, refurbishing, demanufacturing, dismantling, reclamation, shredding, recycling, treatment and disposal of products, parts, and options when they are taken out of service, reach end of life, and/or scrapped; ensures that personal data or corporate data never falls into the wrong hands.
table_icon_4 Online Data backup (OLDB): a simple, automatic and secure cloud backup solution that keeps business-critical information safe and secure.

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