Steve Mulhern


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Brid-Aine Parnell


BridAine Parnell has been a technology, science and business journalist for seven years and her work has appeared in Middle East publications Arabian Computer News and 7DAYS, as well as The Times, and The Register. Brid-Aine’s tech writing has featured everything from data centres to the Internet of Things and from patent lawsuits to fintech.

She currently a freelancer covering all technology fields along with astronomy, astrophysics, robotics and space exploration.

Gina Jones


Gina Jones is an IDM qualified social media practitioner and digital marketing expert with almost a decade of experience creating content and social media strategies for a wide range of clients from SMEs to FMCGs. She has written for many B2B publications including and AccountingWEB, as well as having been editor of Finance Week. She currently runs her own business, Style Tribe, which combines her love of social media and content production with her passion for fashion, helping brands to embrace digital marketing and connect with bloggers.

Gareth Halfacree


Gareth is a freelance journalist, erstwhile system administrator and the author behind the Raspberry Pi User Guide. He also participates in open-source and open-hardware development.

Charles Fraser


Charles Fraser has more than 15 years’ experience as an IT Service Management (ITIL and ISO20000) consultant. His areas of expertise include developing and implementing effective ITIL based IT operational models, helping organisations to achieve ISO20000 certification and undertaking ITIL process maturity/effectiveness assessments. You can reach him at

Iain Hopkins


Iain Hopkins is passionate about words and has been a sub-editor, writer and editor for the past 10 years. He is currently editor of Human Resources Director Magazine and Human Capital Australia Online. Although HR and people-management topics are his specialty, he has also written feature articles for Business Review Weekly, Your Investment Property and Mortgage Professional Australia. Iain has also created marketing content for companies including Randstad and Adecco.

Joe Svetlik


Joe Svetlik has been writing about consumer tech, lifestyle, IT and business for over 10 years. He was formerly the news editor of gadget bible T3 magazine. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, The Mirror, Stuff, GQ, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, ShortList and The Gadget Show website, among others.

He has recently written about robots taking our jobs, self-driving cars, the future of travel and the connected self. He lives and works in London.

Joshua Gliddon


Joshua Gliddon is a writer and editor with 20 years experience in business, IT, health and science journalism. He has held senior editorial positions at The Australian Financial Review and The Bulletin Magazine, and has written across a range of Australian publications. In his downtime, he enjoys surfing, the novels of Thomas Pynchon and spending time with his two children.

Kathleen Hall


Kathleen Hall is a freelance journalist, mainly covering technology, business and law. She has written for a range of titles including Computer Weekly.

James Read


James Read is a freelance journalist who specialises in consumer technology and innovations. His work has appeared in The National Student, The News Hub, Press Gazette and n3rdabl3.

Lawrence Jones


Lawrence is a freelance journalist and writer specialises in digital, tech and innovation. As well as regularly contributing to publications and websites worldwide, he is involved with tech start-ups and digital development, promoting innovation anywhere it’s found.

Lucy Hattersley


Lucy Hattersley is a professional journalist who specialises in technology, productivity and popular science. She writes for some of the world’s biggest technology magazines, including Macworld and Lifehacker.

Mark Gambino


Mark Gambino is a professional freelance journalist and contributor to various websites and print publications, specialising in technology, gaming and entertainment  content, as well as business innovation and efficiency.

Mark Samuels


Mark Samuels is a business writer and editor, with extensive experience of the way technology is used and adopted by CIOs. His work has been published in The Guardian, The Economist Intelligence Unit, TechRepublic, ZDNet, IT Pro, Cloud Pro, Computer Weekly, CBR, Financial Director, Accountancy Age and CIONET.

Matt Meakins


Matt Meakins is a freelance writer, blogger and former software engineer with a keen interest in emerging technologies and how they affect the way we do business. He studied at the University of SA and the Adelaide College of the Arts, and has produced and edited content for a wide range of companies, including lean startups, high-tech innovators and digital marketing agencies.

Oliver Gaywood


Oliver Gaywood was raised in Scotland’s rugged north before gradually moving south, culminating with a three-year stay in Australia. He’s worked in journalism and digital marketing, and has written for a number of leading business blogs.

Peter Crush


Peter Crush is an award-winning freelance HR/business journalist. He was previously deputy editor of HR magazine, and worked on many high profile magazines at Haymarket Publishing (including Management Today). He now contributes to a wide range of national and professional media, writing about all aspects of work.

Phil Muncaster


Phil Muncaster started his career as a reporter on IT Week back in 2005, eventually becoming news editor before moving across to sister title He left in 2012 to spend the next two years in Hong Kong, covering the Asian technology industry for The Register, MIT Technology Review and other publications.

Now based in London again, Phil is the UK/EMEA news reporter for Infosecurity Magazine, and with his freelance hat on he continues to cover a broad sweep of business technology issues.

Ruby Lohman


Ruby Lohman is an experienced freelance writer and editor who writes about a broad range of topics – from food to technology and everything in between. She has a Journalism degree and a passion for delving into the stories behind the headlines to find out what really matters.

Steve Evans


Steve is a freelance journalist based in Madrid, specialising in technology and how it impacts businesses. His previous roles include web editor at Computer Business Review (CBR).

The Secret IT Manager


The Secret IT Manager is a database specialist working somewhere in Europe. With over ten years of experience he’s seen the best, and the worst, of the IT world.

Think Progress Team


The Think Progress team is a group of dedicated journalists and writers who create content on behalf of Lenovo. Contributors offer a wealth of knowledge, insight and advice on the latest business and technology trends, to help you stay up to date.

Dave Ridley

Business Development (Servers)

Dave Ridley works for Lenovo in the United Kingdom, focused on business development for servers. He has worked for Lenovo since January 2015. Previous to this he worked for the IBM x86 business between 1998 and 2014. In addition, he has been involved with IBM’s x86 products for 30 years.

Clare Hopping


Clare Hopping has been writing about technology for 10 years, in both the consumer and business space. Her specialities are cloud and mobile technologies.



Lenovo is a world leading technology provider. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise – we produce innovative PCs, mobile devices and hardware to help you do more. Lenovo customers use innovation to bring progress to the world: so we design and build our products with this in mind. We take inspiration from the drive and imagination of the people who make things happen. Our technology helps those who do, do better.

Tikiri Wanduragala

Senior Consultant Server Systems for Lenovo EMEA

Tikiri is Senior Consultant Server Systems for the Data Centre Group in Lenovo EMEA.

He started work in the IT industry at IBM during the dawn of the PC era.  He has worked in a number of roles in PC and server systems, covering applications SW development, systems development, product testing, product management, brand management and press and analyst relations across the EMEA region.

Demands on IT are increasing exponentially while budgets are falling; new technologies and ways of working are coming to market that are transforming the classical view of a data centre.  Customers are looking at ways of doing things differently to maximise the potential of their IT infrastructure. His current role addresses these topics.  As a Senior Consultant Server Systems for Lenovo EMEA, he advises customers in the EMEA region on server and data centre optimisation projects.

Thorsten Stremlau


CTO and Senior Engineering Staff Member, CISSP

Commercial Portfolio, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo


Thorsten Stremlau is a Senior Engineering Staff Member and CTO within Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group PC & Smart Devices business.  He is responsible for technical strategies for devices, software and cloud services globally.  In this role, Thorsten identifies and drives integration of current and future technologies, integrating them into the product development processes, and specifically drives innovation into the security capabilities of Lenovo’s commercial portfolio.

Thorsten has been part of TCG (Trusted Computing Group) from its inception and has helped drive acceptance of the TPM products for security in EMEA and many parts of AP

Thorsten’s career has been dedicated to identifying solutions and strategic implementations for Lenovo’s customers in all aspects of IT.  As an engineer in both IBM and Lenovo for nearly 25 years, his broad experience enabled him to assist thousands of our customers to digitally transform their environments using Lenovo technology.

Thorsten holds a Bachelor in Industrial Manufacturing/Finance and Electrical Engineering.  Thorsten lives in Morrisville, North Carolina with his family.

Randall Lundin

Senior Product Manager (Lenovo)

Barry Cutts


Barry Cutts has been a freelance writer for over fifteen years, working in the spheres of IT and telecommunications. He has worked with some of London’s leading communications agencies in creating content that connects for organisations and people who are changing the world. He takes the most complex techno-speak and crafts the simple and evident truths from it; inspiration from innovation. He lives and works in France and firmly believes in the modern adage that work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Jan Willem de Nooij

Client Technical Specialist at Lenovo

Heba Hashem


Heba is a freelance journalist based in Dubai, where she covers a diverse range of industries including renewable energy, retail, technology, and human resources for magazines such as Oryx Qatar Airways, CSP Today and MIT Technology Review Arab Edition.

Darren Baguley


Darren Baguley started his journalism career in 1986 as a cadet on the Burnie Advocate, in Tasmania. Since finishing his cadetship he’s had more jobs both in and out of journalism than he likes to remember. In 2002, Darren began freelancing for a variety of publications including The Bulletin, Managing Information Strategies (MIS), Computerworld, Computer Reseller News and Image and Data Manager (IDM).

Over the years, he added Cosmos, Monument, Management Today, several Reed Business publications, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The City Weekly, Voyeur Virgin Blue Magazine, Inside Mining and Supply Chain Review to his portfolio. He has also done a stint as managing editor of the Green Pages Business Directory. He lives on a farm in Central West NSW, Australia, with his wife, three cats, one dog, two alpacas, a dozen or so sheep, too many ducks and chickens to count and nearly a thousand hazelnut trees.

Rob Livingstone


For more than three decades, Rob Livingstone has amassed senior managerial experience within multinational corporations, predominantly as CIO. Today he’s a sought-after industry advisor, conference speaker, book author, news media commentator and columnist. Rob is also a Fellow of the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and IT, and lectures to higher-degree students on organisational leadership, strategy and innovation.

Rob Makin

Lenovo contributor

Rob is a senior sales leader in the IT and telco industry with over 20 years’ experience in building and growing businesses in various markets. He has strong proven experience in leading across multiple channels, with particular success in Lenovo Australia & New Zealand’s Enterprise Business Group.

Rick Koopman

EMEA HPC and Hyperscale Technical Leader

Rick is HPC and Hyperscale Technical Leader for EMEA region at Lenovo. He is responsible for business and technical sales strategy development, channel and field enablement, and technical level relationship with many of Lenovo’s Alliance Partners.

He has 30 years of experience in the IT industry and has served in several international business development and technical roles throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Additionally, he has experience in leading IBM’s EMEA High Performance Center of Competency, developing the HPC skills and solutions both within IBM and now Lenovo, and working closely with the partners engaged in driving invitation in HPC marketplace.

Simon Bramble


Simon is a Newcastle-based technology journalist who has spent the last decade writing about everything from intelligent homes and autonomous cars to 3D printing in schools and 4K video games. His words have appeared in T3, The Independent, Metro and Edge, among others.

William Payne


William Payne is an analyst specialising in European public sector and large corporate technology markets. He also writes on hyperscale and HPC systems, European government computing and healthcare technology. William edits two specialist newsletters on Internet of Things.

Gavin O’Hara

Lenovo’s Global Social Content & Community team leader

Gavin O’Hara leads Lenovo’s Global Social Content & Community team. He’s been with Lenovo since 2005 and, in 2010, became the second person in the company to do social media.

He is a big believer in unselfish brand storytelling and lives by the mantra ‘people before products’. As Lenovo’s chief storyteller, he scours the Earth in search of the inspiring and the unexpected. Tweet any great story ideas @gavinohara

In a previous life, he worked as a writer, journalist and musician. Gavin is a Virginia native, a Syracuse University graduate and a long-time North Carolina resident.


Soeren Genzler

Lenovo's Center of Competency Leader for SAP Solutions in EMEA

Soeren Genzler is Lenovo’s Center of Competency Leader for SAP Solutions in EMEA region, with responsibility spanning from technical sales support and field enablement to business development and managing technical level relationship with SAP and other solution partners.

Soeren works for server manufacturers since 1996. Prior to joining Lenovo, Soeren served at IBM as a specialist for Lotus Notes administration and database development and moved over time into networking and security/electronic access control. Soeren has also led the technical Presales team for IBM’s x86 server business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and managed critical customer situations for that matter.


Per Overgaard

Director Enterprise Business Group at Lenovo

Per leads the cross country sales, technical, marketing and backoffice teams at Lenovo. He develops and executes cross Nordic management leadership and strategy.

Stuart Andrews, Computerworld UK

Contributor, Computerworld UK

Stuart has been writing about technology and enterprise IT for over twenty years, writing for many of the UK’s best-known newspapers, magazines and websites including PC Advisor, PC Pro, Cloud Pro and The Sunday Times. He writes about cloud technologies, analytics, virtualization, infrastructure, enterprise printing and business mobility. Stuart has also written or co-authored books on Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and Scratch programming for children.

Alan Browning

MEA Hyper Converged System Manager at Lenovo


Alan Browning is Lenovo’s MEA Hyper Converged System Manager and brings over 18 years of IT experience. He acquired his experience by working for a myriad of companies, including Barclays Africa, MTN, Dimension Data and Gijima, where he specialised in end-user computing, cloud and virtualisation.

He has also held numerous different positions, from virtualisation architect, to technology strategy consultant, cloud evangelist and head of IAAS engineering.

Alan holds certificates in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and various architectural frameworks like ITIL and TOGAF. He prides himself in being able to indentify the latest trends in IT and positioning himself at the forefront of these technologies: evangelizing the new technology to the IT community.

Having lived through the exciting time when VMware changed computing as we know it (when they deployed the hypervisor), Alan firmly believes that the advent of the hyper-converged systems will become the cornerstone in transforming the data centre as we know it.

Arif Mohamed, Computerworld UK

Arif Mohamed has been writing about enterprise technology for global publications and corporations since the Nineties, and is a Contributing Editor at IDG.

Jean Cassegrain Contributor IT News Info, Editor Le Monde Informatique

Contributor, Le Monde Informatique

A graduate of the École Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, Jean first started his career in mainstream computer journalism. After several years he switched to focus on BtoB and a role in the editorial department of Le Monde Informatique. He has trained and specialised on the issues of governance of IT, infrastructure, networks and the IT economy in general.


Klaus Manhart, Computerwoche


Rachel Everett


Rachel is a seasoned editor, journalist and founder. She has written articles for publications such as The Telegraph, The Independent, The Irish Times, and CNN. Topics covered include business, finance, tech, wellness, parenting, lifestyle and human interest. Clients she has helmed projects for or worked with in the technology sphere include Sansan, Samsung and Singtel.

She is interested in how we can work in more agile and time-efficient ways, especially remote working as a global community.

Lucy George


Lucy has over a decade’s experience as a copywriter, in-house and agency side. She was a lead copywriter for Dell’s EMEA customer evidence programme for several years, interviewing customers, writing case studies, supporting video shoots and co-launching a dual language case study programme. She has also created a variety of content for Microsoft, Vodafone, Cisco and Google.

Mark Miller

IT Manager

Mark Miller is an IT professional, managed services provider, and technology consultant with 16 years of experience in both large enterprises and SMB. His experience covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and retail.

Mark has multiple security and IT platform certifications and is a specialist in the application of augmented and virtual reality, internet of things, and other technology innovations. He is a featured author and blogger and has been a speaker and panelist for multiple video series.

William Scull

Product and Business Development Manager for Lenovo Networking and SDN products (EMEA)

William is Product and Business Development Manager for Lenovo Networking and SDN products in the EMEA region, and is based in Munich, Germany. He has 25+ years of Networking experience in data centre networking with multinational IT companies, and can present, give pre- or post-sales support or hold trainings in English, French and German.  

William is married and has 2 children. In his free time he enjoys surfing, tennis and music.

Espen Stokke

Hyper Converged Solutions Sales, Lenovo

Espen is part of the Hyper Converged Solutions Sales team at Lenovo. He has 10 years of background experience in data centre solutions for medium-sized and large enterprises.

James Hayes


James Hayes is a freelance editor, journalist and editorial consultant. He has worked on a range of business computing, information technology, and enterprise communications publications, along with stints on business titles and publishing ventures for other vertical sectors. He writes regularly for Engineering & Technology, Networking+, InfoSecurity Professional, Fibre Systems, Land Mobile, and London Business Magazine.

Past editorships include Datacom Magazine, Network News, Mobile Communications International, Communications News, Information Professional, Engineering & Technology, DSL-Times, European Ecommerce Digest, and Sustainable Development.

Recently, he has also edited reports for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) about automotive cyber-security, electric vehicle adoption and digital adoption in the smart built environment’.

Irene Acedo-Rico

Irene joined Lenovo in January 2015, after the acquisition of the Server System x business from IBM by Lenovo. She is currently responsible for the Channel Division Sales for EMEA, leading the Strategic Enterprise Sales for Lenovo: High Performance Computing, Software Defined Data Centre and Hyper-converged Solutions Sales.

In IBM she was part of the System and Technology Group, leading the channel Sales for EMEA. The role covered Sales & Marketing, Channel Management and P&L. She has 25 years of experience in the Information Technology marketplace with an extensive background in sales, operations, channel management, and business development in an international environment.

Mrs. Acedo-Rico is doubled graduated in Business Administration and Law by ICADE University in Madrid, Spain and certified as Client Executive by INSEAD Fontainebleau, France.

Simon Jones


Simon Jones has spent a decade working as a writer and editor in the technology space, covering everything from big data and the Internet of Things to gadgets and the gaming industry. He has written extensively for global businesses in the tech space, most recently as a contributor for OneAffiniti, Cyient, F5 Networks, Pure Storage, DXC Technology and Optus.

He currently works as a freelancer, writing on subjects that run the tech gamut. Simon has a particular interest in how gamification, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are impacting the modern enterprise.

Roger Laing

Roger Laing is a writer, journalist, blogger and tweeter who writes on all things business and technology-related. He has written and edited more than 30 books covering social media, PCs, the Internet, web design and information technology.

Gareth Kershaw

Cutting his editorial teeth in the still callow IT press of the mid 1990s, Gareth Kershaw is a specialist technology and business writer of more than 20 years’ experience.

Spanning roles from journalist to editorial director and virtually everything in between, his career has encompassed regular contributions to a wide range of technology media titles – including Computing, Computer Reseller News, Channel Business, and Microscope – as well as the national press.

While his two decades in technology have seen extraordinary transformation and change from one end of the industry to the other, his philosophy tends to remain one of “plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose”.


Stuart Constable

Stuart Constable is a writer, content producer and strategist with more than 40 years’ experience of business-to-business marketing. He’s intrigued and sometimes amazed by the pace of innovation in the world of technology.

Flemming Märtens

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