The future of work: what do you need to know to prepare?

Think Progress Team

Tuesday 16 February 2016

What does the future hold? We want to know what opportunities and obstacles your organisation is facing today, so we can help you prepare for tomorrow.

In today’s competitive business landscape, differentiating your offer from your competitors’ and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technological trends and advances is essential.

So that we can best equip you for the journey ahead, take a few minutes to tell us the areas you want to focus on – where are the gaps in your organisation’s skillset and what changes do you feel you need to make to truly embrace the 21st-century world of work? What would you like to see Think Progress focus on in the coming months:

Option 1: The 21st-century worker

Today’s employees don’t just desire access to the latest solutions and devices that enable them to perform their job anytime, anywhere – they demand it. And so in order to attract and retain talented people, organisations must embrace flexible work practices.

The 21st-century worker is mobile and enjoys a work-life balance. So how can you tailor a technological-transformation strategy that meets their needs? It boils down to being able to out-manoeuvre the competition – and that’s something organisations can’t afford to ignore.

We profile the 21st-century worker, explore the must-have attributes of potential employers, and investigate how organisations and IT decision makers can recruit a new generation of digital natives.

Option 2: The 21st-century organisation

Are you ready for the potentially bumpy ride ahead? Preparing your organisation for the future of work is critical to remaining competitive, productive and profitable. To enable the collaboration and flexible work practices that today’s employees demand, CIOs and IT decision makers must provide secure mobile, cloud and wireless technology, and have access to a full suite of corporate applications with no loss of functionality.

Technology is constantly changing, which results in numerous challenges for organisations, such as security, reliability and employee stability. So what can you do to remain relevant and incorporate the right devices and process for your workforce?

Options 3: The trailblazers: the people and organisations leading the way

Even the most experienced leaders sometimes need the advice and guidance of a mentor. Introducing ‘the trailblazers’, forward-looking people and organisations who have successfully implemented new processes in a bid to remain relevant and competitive in a crowded marketplace.

We talk to companies who have identified the need to adapt and are using tech in a different and more progressive way, equipping employees with multi-use devices and establishing secure, cloud-based access to the data and applications they need to work from anywhere, anytime.

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