Essential apps for business

Rachel Everett

Tuesday 21 March 2017

The best business apps need to combine maximum functionality – from finding leads and running a project to team communication and managing your existing customers’ needs.

If you want to make the most of every opportunity as they arise, sourcing the best technology and most efficient hardware is paramount. These apps provide the functionality your business needs.

Lead generation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an impressive app from one of the biggest social platforms around. Its main function is to build, maintain and utilise leads for products. Searching for leads is easy, with relevant people matched to your industry and location showing up in your navigation feed. The function of checking profiles and connections helps prepare for that initial meeting, and provides you with knowledge of potential customers.

Project management software

There’s plenty of project management software out there, with Basecamp, Asana and JIRA all hugely popular. Trello, however, stands out with its clever use of cards that can be made into lists. An entire project can be viewed on a single screen and ideas, feedback, conversations and to-do lists can be edited. It’s visual collaboration taken to the next level.


While email remains very important, there are easier, more collaborative ways for colleagues to communicate now – especially when team members might be working remotely as part of your organisation’s mobile strategy. Slack creates open channels that anyone on the team can join, meaning sharing files and searching for messages becomes a cinch. It can also integrate with other professional apps, creating a virtual workspace wherever you are. And when on the move, you need a device with rapid-charge technology to help you stay connected at all times.

Customer relationship management system

Salesforce offers an all-in-one solution for managing your customers. The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require a steep learning curve, while the dashboard is customisable and displays real-time figures on customers and your own performance data. Forecasting is done in real-time as well and generates and analyses sales reports.


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