The week in business tech – 3/10/2014

Brid-Aine Parnell

Friday 3 October 2014

This week, new social network Ello starts to generate buzz, Microsoft releases the latest iteration of Windows and Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for a web Magna Carta. Meanwhile, Reddit raises $50m in a funding round and and Londoners are tricked into giving up their first-born for free WiFi.

Ello, anyone there?
Ello is the name on everyone’s lips this week as the invite-only social network aims to usurp Facebook with an ad-free service. The newest network is hoping that users will like it enough to pay extra for “special features”, instead of using their data to fund the site.

Windows 10 arrives in style
Microsoft is hitting the headlines with its latest operating system, Windows 10. The software giant is hoping that features like multi-desktops and the return of the Start menu will lure enterprises to stick with what they know.

Britain needs a new digital bill of rights
Internet royalty Sir Tim Berners-Lee was once again calling for an internet “Magna Carta” aimed at keeping governments and big business at arm’s length from the web. He said that citizens need to have faith in the internet, and that would only happen if it was free and uncensored.

Reddit raises $50m in funding round – and wants to give some away
In a funding round led by Y Combinator founder Sam Altman, Reddit has managed to receive millions in investment to start realising some of the value in its huge blogging community. The blog site has also promised that some of that money will be going to users – though it hasn’t worked out quite how yet.

DVLA website buckles under new digital car disc system
Another UK government go-digital initiative stumbled at the starting gate this week, when the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s website couldn’t cope with demand for car tax renewal. Paper discs are being scrapped after 90 years in favour of online renewal.
Londoners strike a Faustian pact for free WiFi
An independent investigation found that people would blithely sign up to any free WiFi spot without reading the terms and conditions, resulting in folks agreeing to give up their first-born to log on to a poisoned hotspot that was spying on their data.


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