FREE EBOOK: Your essential guide to cyber security

Think Progress Team

Wednesday 24 June 2015

As technology evolves, so do cyber-criminals and their methods of attack. Find out how to counter them by considering a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

Are you taking your online safety seriously? According to cyber security experts and law enforcement agencies, you should be! With drive-by downloads, malware and other cyber threats advancing, your organisation may be compromised without you even knowing it.

As you will discover by reading our eBook, although many of the threats can be mitigated with basic safety measures, such as strong passwords or eliminating unnecessary Java platforms, businesses are beginning to look at more robust strategies. In fact, the cost of cyber attacks is increasing so dramatically that Gartner predicts that by 2017, “one-third of large businesses engaging in business will have a digital risk officer or equivalent.”

By implementing the strategies in our eBook you will not only help ward off cyber-attacks and data theft, you could prevent them from ever happening. Explore the benefits of hacking your own platforms, managing insider threats and several other cyber threat mitigation methods by downloading our eBook, The Essential Guide to Cyber Security.

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