Step inside a real-life laptop ‘chamber of horrors’

Gavin O’Hara

Monday 12 December 2016

PC competitive analyst Kevin Beck is something of a ThinkPad legend at Lenovo HQ, and when it comes to the abuse tests we do on our iconic business laptops, he has some extreme torture stories.

Simply put, a ThinkPad should – through engineering, testing and intelligent management of tradeoffs – represent an awesome tool for the productivity of our users. The reliability, durability, features, construction and so on are all just parts of that. Our engineers are trained to think not only about what users are going to do with a ThinkPad but what they are going to do to it.

Drop test

Drop test

People who have visited the lab have described it as a ‘chamber of horrors’ for notebooks. There are of course tests for heat, cold and humidity. But the standard tests that every ThinkPad is subjected to are even more horrifying. Screens are bent and notebooks are dropped on corners, shaken by robot arms, vibrated at high and low frequencies.

Screen stress test

Screen stress test

Take a look at the torture tests for yourself and learn more about the lab by reading our interview with Kevin Beck.


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