Top business apps for entrepreneurs

Steve Evans

Wednesday 15 July 2015

What apps can help an entrepreneur in the early days of a start-up?

Apps are incredibly useful for entrepreneurs. Trying to get a start-up off the ground can be an extremely hectic experience, so it’s important to use the kind of apps that will make life easier. But which apps will help the most? We’ve pulled together a list of the areas where the right app will help entrepreneurs – both with their business and their daily life.


Managing finances and cashflow is vital for any entrepreneur and start-up, so finding an app that can keep track of costs; generate invoices and estimates; and monitor incomings and outgoings will help you stay on the right track.


An app that can combine project management and workflow, along other features that help productivity, can ensure deadlines are met and that the team – if there is one, of course – can communicate and collaborate effectively.

Daily organisation

As mentioned above, life can be hectic for an entrepreneur; having an app that can keep on top of your meeting schedule, for example, will mean you never miss a meeting or conference call. Apps in this category can integrate with your email calendar to pull together all relevant information, such as dial-in details or meeting location.

Note taking

You never know when inspiration may strike, so it’s good to have an app to hand that will let you write or record ideas/notes/conversations/whatever. One that syncs notes across your tablet, smartphone and desktop PC is the right option. Many note taking apps also allow for scanning of business cards, which is a very useful feature when networking.

Digital signatures

There’s no time like the present! And being able to close a deal by signing a document there and then is a great boon for entrepreneurs. The days of having to go back to the office, print the document out, sign it, scan it and email it back are long gone.

Online storage

Using cloud storage is a great way of keeping costs down – very important for entrepreneurs – as well as improving mobility and productivity. You can access documents and files wherever you are and many storage apps will be able to sync across multiple devices, ensuring you’re always working on the most recent version.

Social/customer interaction

Customers are the lifeblood of any start-up, so entrepreneurs need to be able to interact with them wherever they are. That means getting social, and an app will help you do that. From marketing to customer service, social apps can help in the interaction with the very people who will decide whether your business is a success or not.

Finding free WiFi

Finally, most of the above is only possible if you’re online. Today’s businesses are mobile, so it’s vital that an entrepreneur is connected wherever they go. A free WiFi finding app will search the local area to find a free internet connection, whether it’s at a coffee shop, library or somewhere else.

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