Tablets: How winning business just got easier

Tablet devices are proving their worth in nearly every industry – from healthcare to hospitality – so it’s no surprise that organisations that adopt and capitalise on the technology across their businesses are reaping the benefits. Will your company be among them?

They’re flexible, engaging, mobile, instantly share information and help close a deal like never before. Tablets are punching far above their weight in all types of businesses situations, so much so it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Sales Management Association research in the US shows that 70 per cent of sales organisations that have adopted tablets as a core piece of technology are already seeing ROI and more than 90 per cent plan increase investment in tablets in the coming year. Here are five ways tablets can help your sales team win business.

1. Accessible

A tablet doesn’t require a long boot-up time. There’s no scrambling around to find cables and hook up a laptop to a conference room projector. A tablet is as immediate and accessible as a brochure – you simply pull it out and it’s ready. Make sure you preload it with all the material you need, particularly large video files, in case wireless access isn’t optimal (or available) in your meeting location.

2. Intimacy

A tablet’s smaller form doesn’t get in the way of person-to-person conversations in the same way a large screen does. It becomes more of a conversation than a presentation. You can also pass it from person to person, physically engaging them in your demo. You can use a tablet in any setting, whether a café or regular meeting room. It’s also a great way to videoconference in a third person, wherever you are.

3. Interactivity

Products and features can be demonstrated in a much more compelling way on a touchscreen tablet than on a traditional display. Potential buyers can ‘touch’ and ‘swipe’ products and explore them manually, whether rotating 3D images and animations or exploring a website or software demonstration. As the saying goes: show, don’t tell.

4. Information

Tablets are also great for recording client data. You can use them to take photos and record meeting notes and easily share this information with colleagues and clients immediately. Tablets are also great for carrying out interactive and location-based surveys, as well as sending the results back to HQ.

5. Immediacy

As well as helping you close deals faster, sales staff can also instantly submit orders through a tablet, further speeding up the sales process. The tablet is your electronic cash register – innovative software can handle payment and invoicing straight away with no need for delays that might see intentions cool off.

According to global research advisory firm, Forrester, says a business may re-engineer its entire sales process to fully reap the benefits of tablets in sales – from training sales reps to developing new customer-facing software and materials. If this can be achieved, tablets can generate real growth in sales performance.

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