Mobile Growth Europe – the new kid on the block

Brid-Aine Parnell

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Mobile Growth Europe, the new mobile event for tech professionals takes place this month in Berlin, Germany. User acquisition and app monetisation will be top of the agenda.

Think tank Mobile Growth Fellowship is bringing the biggest mobile-only conference in North America to Europe for the first time this year.

Mobile Growth Europe will take place in Berlin in September, gathering mobile app developers under the same roof to talk about user acquisition, growth and monetisation of the smartphone world.

“There is a thriving app-development scene in Europe, and we wanted to bring the same level of discourse and conversation that we’d had in the US to our peers in Europe as well,” a Mobile Growth Fellowship (MGF) spokesperson said. “We chose Berlin because it is home to many of our sponsors, speakers and partners.”

The non-vendor not-for-profit group has managed to put together an intriguing line-up of speakers, including bagging someone each from Facebook, Google and Twitter to keynote, the first time the mobile heavy-hitters have all keynoted the same event.

The inaugural Mobile Growth Summit in the US brought together more than 600 professionals specialising in user acquisition, monetisation and retention and the organisers are hoping that the two-day intensive European edition will be just as successful.

“We have an amazing speaker line-up set for the event and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’ll have keynotes from Google, Twitter and Facebook all there, plus dozens of the most successful app developers in the world, such as runtastic, FunPlus, Shazam, and many more,” MGF said.

The Q1 2015 State of the Developer Nation report from Developer Economics, which tracks mobile developers and the app economy, shows the latest trends in the industry go from cross-platform tool adoption to swelling interest in the Internet of Things, smart homes and wearables.

Despite how far off returns in the immature IoT market look, Developer Economics’ survey of over 8,000 developers found high interest, with over half of respondents working on some kind of IoT project. Smart Home was the most popular market with 37 per cent of developers targeting it and wearables came a close second with 35 per cent.

Their findings were echoed by a Forrester Research report from last year, which predicted that competition in the mobile app world would shift to accessories and ecosystems, spanning cars, wearables, TVs and the smart home.

When it comes to making money from apps, the focus of Mobile Growth Europe, the survey found revenues polarising.

“The high end of the smartphone market is saturating and tablet sales have fallen slightly. The result is that growth in direct revenues from the app stores is slowing,” the firm said in its report.

“At the same time, the app economy is maturing and larger companies are finding much better ways of making money with apps.”

The firm predicts that mobile e-commerce will account for 2.5 times as much revenue as all other sources put together at $300bn this year, while enterprise app developers are making more than consumer app developers – 43 per cent earn over $10k a month compared to just 19 per cent in consumer.

Mobile Growth Europe features panel discussions to tackle just these issues, such as how to grow in-app purchase revenues for consumer app developers working in freemium games and strategies to help developers retain, engage and monetise users.

“The mobile industry is very much a global industry, so many of the topics and trends we’ll be discussing in Europe are the same things that are important here in the US,” said MGF.

“One difference, however, is that many European developers are perhaps more focused on international expansion, so we’ve included a track on Successful Tactics in International Acquisition and Monetisation.”

The fellowship expects the non-vendor conference to help industry leaders to develop their 2015 and 2016 roadmaps by covering topics like real-time bidding (RTB) in the mobile acquisition ecosystem, Facebook attribution changes and data science and machine learning.

“The Mobile Growth Fellowship events have drawn some of the brightest and most influential executives in the mobile industry, and the inaugural Mobile Growth Europe is shaping up the same way. Not only is it a great place to meet with peers and to discuss the latest issues and challenges we are all facing, but it’s an important opportunity to help shape the future of the industry,” the group added.



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