Supercomputing is growing and so is ISC HPC

Brid-Aine Parnell

Tuesday 7 June 2016

High-performance computing results in scalable applications, faster storage, more powerful processing and better big data analytics – no wonder ISC’s annual HPC conference is such an important date in Europe’s tech calendar.

The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) HPC event is Europe’s top conference for high-performance computing, attracting hundreds of attendees and companies each year.

Last year, in new host city Frankfurt, more than 2800 visitors from 56 countries visited the conference, which also featured over 150 companies and research organisations showcasing their technologies at the ISC exhibition.

HPC market to hit $36bn by 2020

According to ISC’s report on the 2015 event, visitors came from Europe, North America and Asia, with Germany, the US and the UK topping the guest list. And attendees were there to do more than simple network: over 56 per cent of visitors had direct or indirect influence over infrastructure spending, with 26 per cent holding management positions.

This year, ISC will be hoping for an even higher level of participation – and they’re likely to get it. A Research and Markets report predicts that the HPC market will grow at a CAGR of 5.45 per cent between 2015 and 2020 as big data continues to grow, in turn fuelling demand for new systems that can handle the load. The market is projected to reach $36.62bn by 2020.

“Improved data collection technology provides lively images for simulations, medical, life science, video rendering and… other applications. All these applications require higher processing power and speed for data analysis and results. Better scans, HDTV, multi-layer scans and enhanced information-gathering abilities all add to the requirement of more CPUs and quicker storage solutions that is delivered through HPC and helps in driving the market,” according to the Research and Markets report.

Exascale, quantum, supercomputing and more

At this year’s ISC HPC, five renowned experts in computational science are scheduled to speak on a range of topics, including exascale computing efforts in the US, the next supercomputers from Japan and China, and quantum computing research at NASA.

Research papers across trends and advances in future design concepts for HPC, multicore systems, energy efficiency, industrial simulations and much more will also be presented at the conference.

As a Gold Sponsor of the event, Lenovo will be exhibiting its technologies and services to prospective clients, from data centre equipment and data management and analytics to systems and servers.

Companies need to be able to scale applications, process and analyse data at ever higher speeds and run faster and bigger storage solutions – all these needs are driving the HPC market. Conferences like ISC HPC are no niche event, but an increasingly relevant calendar date for a wide variety of industries. ISC HPC will take place this year in Frankfurt once again over 19–23 June.

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