How to cut costs, streamline IT and get proactive in the data centre

Think Progress Team

Friday 11 August 2017

Enterprise organisations demand more from their data centres – yet overstretched IT teams are saddled with under-powered, legacy monitoring tools. SAP IT Operations Analytics works with Lenovo’s XClarity Administrator to offer exciting new possibilities for IT to support and transform their business.

Organisations are under escalating pressure to transform their business operations with next-generation digital technologies, or risk being outpaced by more agile rivals. Blockbuster and Kodak were two notable early casualties of brand-toppling digital disruption – other famous names have followed. Such heightened competitive forces put an increasingly relentless focus on IT and cloud-driven data centres.

In this new data-driven, digital and cloud-first world, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness mean everything. Yet strained IT teams are often faced with an acute dilemma, being forced to monitor hybrid cloud servers, operating systems and applications, using multiple tools and often working in siloed set-ups. Each day there may be millions – even billions – of events to monitor, some demanding immediate attention.

Working across disparate teams to filter out the noise, and respond fast and effectively, is a constant challenge, especially given strict SLAs and other user-focused expectations. Yet the benefits of giving IT teams better all-round visibility of IT estate operations are plain to see. Research from Aberdeen Group found that organisations with an end-to-end view of IT operations are three times more likely to reduce the time needed to fix issues, six times more likely to have low error rates, and twice as likely to have high IT availability.

Enter SAP IT Operations Analytics

SAP IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) was designed to drive data centre optimisation through improved operations visibility. It correlates and unifies data from a wide range of sources across the entire facility – including existing monitoring tools – to provide a single, real-time view of all IT functions. ABAP and SAP HANA logs can be analysed in the context of the broader IT landscape, and the platform also combines various types of master data with key IT events to offer specific insights to IT leaders.

With the average data centre outage costing nearly $9000 per minute, uptime is money. With SAP ITOA, refresh times from the time of an event to when it is searchable are just five seconds, rather than the 15–20 minutes typical for legacy analytics systems. This means IT experts can get on top of incidents straight away, identify the team responsible and avoid any wasted effort when it comes to speedy remediation.

Get proactive

SAP ITOA also uses SAP HANA’s Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) to enable IT managers to anticipate adverse incidents before they occur, saving even more time and money – and optimising resources. The tool can be combined with SAP Predictive Analytics to enhance these capabilities further, helping IT with root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance and mitigating downtime.

Lenovo and SAP interaction

Thanks to a strong decade-long partnership between SAP and Lenovo, SAP ITOA is tightly integrated with Lenovo’s XClarity Administrator, providing deep insight into all aspects of server performance. IT users can access data from both tools via a ‘single pane of glass’, providing additional opportunities to streamline operations, speed up response times and reduce costs.

The combination is important because software issues often stem from underlying hardware problems – and vice versa. Unifying the two tools enables IT admins to more easily detect the cause of any issues, thus speeding resolution times. And it saves money on licences for multiple monitoring tools.

To find out more about how SAP IT Operations Analytics and Lenovo XClarity Administrator can transform your IT operations, read our joint Solution Brief.


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