The 5 best tech gadgets to come out of CES… ever

Brid-Aine Parnell

Saturday 3 January 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been running for a staggering 48 years and has seen the debut of some of the world’s most game-changing technologies. Here’s our pick of the best.

1.) VCR (1967)

The original is so often the best, and that’s true of CES as well. The VCR may not be the most influential piece of tech ever invented, but it was the first step toward the home entertainment revolution that has resulted in today’s video streaming. New products respond to consumer demand, and the VCR whetted the public’s appetite for watching what they wanted, when they wanted – the first time they could break away from the almighty TV schedule.

2.) Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (1985)

An entirely new industry was born the year Nintendo showed up at CES with its NES gaming system. Although an earlier console, called the Famicom, had been available in Japan since 1983, the NES was the first to debut in the US, with game characters that are still recognisable today – like Super Mario and Donkey Kong – and generating what would become a multi-billion dollar global industry.

3.) DVD (1996) vs Blu-Ray Disc (2003)

Almost 30 years after VHS, a host of tech firms collaborated to produce the DVD. Holding reams more data than either videotapes or CDs, DVDs were a huge leap forward and looked all set to dominate until Blu-Ray emerged seven years later. Although DVD-backers were touting HD DVD, Blu-Ray’s unexpected arrival split the tech world down the middle, in favour of one or the other high definition format. It remains to be seen which format will be able to support ultra-high-def or 4K viewing.

4.) Tablets (2010)

The uptake in tablet computers has been phenomenal since Apple first popularised the consumer device following it’s debut at CES five years ago.  It may have looked like there wasn’t a niche between smartphones and laptops for tablets to slot into, but many manufacturers have proven the naysayers wrong with inventive operating systems, app stores and the explosion in video-streaming services. View Lenovo’s range of ThinkPad’s here

5.) Ultrabooks (2012)

Just when it looked like the laptop might be dead, Intel issued a rallying cry and got together with manufacturers to tout ultrabooks – lightweight, high spec machines that could grab consumers’ attention away from tablets and smartphones. The move proved that laptops still had something to offer, helping to foster a storm of innovation, including hybrids and touchscreen computing. Nowadays, you can purchase Intel Ultrabooks and 2-in-1 devices from Lenovo.

The ground breaking gadgets launched at CES have changed the way we live and work. At CES 2015 Lenovo will reveal it’s 100 millionth ThinkPad unit.

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