CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. stacks up management, cost and resource benefits with System x (case study)

Find out how the System x solution allowed CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. to lower it’s IT footprint and reap the rewards of a modern, flexible IT infrastructure.

Italy-based CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. manufactures metal shelving systems for clients ranging from small shops to large chains around the world. With 80 employees headquartered in Subbiano, the company also has a factory in the UK and branches in France, India and Australia. To support ongoing company growth, CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. needed a flexible, cost effective virtual environment with an easily upgradable infrastructure.

Discover why CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. regard the System x solution as the best choice for the quality-to-price ratio. Read the full case study here.