The top PC operating systems to look out for


Tuesday 30 January 2018

Your PC is an important part of everyday life. It is made for your daily needs, which is why finding the right operating system that can cater towards those needs is essential.

There have been many debates about the right operating system for the right laptop and the right need, so we present to you our guide for the best operating systems to watch out for.

Windows 7

The Windows 7 is still an all-time favourite as a classic OS that most people grew up with. Obviously, Windows 7 still provides the simple design most of us have come to love and know. This is why many people still prefer this.

Some updates you can see include Windows Management Framework 3.0, the Windows 7 SP1 Platform Update and the Windows 7 Enterprise hotfix rollup, so pretty much Windows 7 consists of security and non-security updates.

This makes the Windows 7 a top contender and the number one used OS out there, with almost half of PCs out there using this OS at 47 percent and the Windows 10 at 23 percent, according to a 2016 TechRadar report.

The Windows 7 sells for around US $119.99.

Windows 10

The latest version of Windows 10 also works as a great OS, seeing the updates it provides. Yes, this is still the same Windows 10 OS back then, however, the latest version of the Windows 10 seems to have three main updates. It consists of the Anniversary update, the Creators update and the Fall Creators update.

In terms of security, the more minor security updates are only given to Windows 10 Insiders members only before actually being released to the public.

Another update to note from the Windows 10 includes the Google account integration for Cortana, which will link your Gmail account with Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

As the follow up of the more classic Windows 7, the Windows 10 is surely the next in line to take the thrown and with some nice updates available, it functions as a great contender. Though not as user-friendly as the Windows 7, we can this OS used in many powerhouse PCs, such as the Lenovo line laptops.

The Windows 10 sells for around US $99.95.

macOS Sierra

The macOS is the next contender after Windows. As Apple is dominating the technology industry, we can clearly see the increased use of MacBooks and the macOS. Its operating system does it justice in terms of supporting the laptop itself.

The latest version of this OS includes the macOS Sierra. The macOS Sierra is clearly the most advanced in terms of the macOS, which is why it is the most recommended, however, not all MacBooks can download it, as you need to have a new enough version for it.

This OS is pretty much the same to its previous counterpart the El Capitan. The difference is in the user interface, where you can now use tabs in a range of first (eg. Mail, Maps and TextEdit) and third-party apps, rather than just Safari.

It also comes with a picture-in-picture viewing mode, which lets you hover videos from Safari and iTunes in a window over your desktop.

So the macOS Sierra has some simple updates, however, some useful ones, which works great when it comes to multitasking and productivity. This is why this OS is also one to look out for.