ThinkStation P900

ThinkStation P900

Discover the ThinkStation P900, a workstation that delivers extreme performance with the most I/O in the industry, as well as the highest storage capacity. The innovative Flex module means you pay only for what you need, which keeps your costs down.

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ThinkStation P900

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Extreme power

No matter how challenging the task, ThinkStation P900 can handle it. It’s versatile too, with fully customisable storage, memory, graphics, power and I/O configurations.

Unmatched usability

Innovative modular design makes tool-less upgrades a snap, especially with Flex Trays for fully configurable storage and inter changeable power supplies and graphics cards.

Unparalleled reliabilty

P series workstations run cooler than ever thanks to advanced Tri-Channel air baffle design. Priority Technical Support 24×7 and ISV certification make P900 perfect for mission-critical tasks.