ThinkServer RD550

ThinkServer RD550

The performance and capacity of a 2U system in a 1U form factor.

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ThinkServer RD550

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Extremely versatile storage

Innovation is built in to the new Lenovo® ThinkServer® RD550.
A cleverly engineered design allows more storage density and I/O connectivity than ever before — giving you the performance and capacity of a 2U system in a 1U form factor. By creating smaller drive trays and a slightly larger chassis within the same 1U space, the RD550 offers a total of up to 12 bays, which can be used for data storage or better performance. Two additional enterprise-class M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) are available as an option for secure booting as well as SD card options for hypervisor booting.

Highly flexible I/O

In the past, 1U servers were constrained by their size and did not have as many I/O slots as larger servers. With the new RD550, networking configurations that traditionally required a larger server can now fit into a 1U form factor.

Extra-reliable performance

Datacentre cooling costs can be greater than the cost of powering the IT equipment itself. One way to reduce these cooling costs is by operating the datacentre at a higher temperature. With a dynamic environmental design, the RD550 can run at 45 degrees Celsius continuously — with no impact on reliability. In fact, the system has been carefully architected and tested to support long-term reliability.