System x3650 M5

System x3650 M5

Commanding performance and versatility with leadership reliability and security for enterprise solutions.

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System x3650 M5

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Powerful & versatile

With the powerful, versatile new 2U two-socket System x3650 M5 rack server, you can run even more workloads, 24/7, and gain faster business insights. Integrated with up to two Intel E5-2600 v3 series CPUs and industry- leading two-socket storage capacity, the x3650 M5 fast forwards your business. You can select from an impressive array of storage configurations (up to 26 drive bays) that optimise diverse workloads from Cloud to Big Data.

Innovative energy efficiency and performance

Built on an innovative architecture, the x3650 M5 incorporates energy-smart features for cost savings. Dual fan zones and extended operating temperature ranges maintain advanced cooling and efficiency. 80 PLUS® Titanium power supplies can deliver up to 96 percent efficiency. With twice the memory, up to 131 percent greater performance,2 and 50 percent more cores and cache than the previous generation, the x3650 M5 lets your workloads fly. End-to-end 12 Gbps RAID support with up to four RAID adapters adds enhanced performance and data protection.

Security and reliability

The x3650 M5 integrates leadership security and reliability. System x® Trusted Platform Assurance, an exclusive set
of System x features and practices, establishes a foolproof security foundation for your workloads. You can also deploy self-encrypting drives (SEDs) using the optional IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM). System x servers achieved the highest reliability of any x86 server.1 Diagnostic tools such as Predictive Failure Analysis and the new NextGen Diagnostic panel facilitate easy serviceability and reduced downtime and costs.