Why ISV certification is important for your business

Lawrence Jones

Sunday 11 October 2015

The issue was that software and hardware weren’t always in perfect union.

Thankfully, things have moved on. Nowadays, in the true spirit of collaboration, industry professionals from both sides of the fence work together to ensure that software and hardware perform in sweet harmony.

Working together from the start of a product’s design – it’s called ISV, which stands for Independent Software Vendor certification.

Benefits for customers

When your customers buy new hardware they need to be sure that it will work with the software and peripherals they want to use.

Specifically, we are talking here about high-end workstations, not desktops. These machines are perfect for running resource intensive applications like graphic design programmes or detailed statistical modelling.

The manufacturers of these workstations work closely with software providers, conducting a rigorous series of tests on hardware solutions until they work perfectly together. When software manufacturers are happy, the hardware gets its certification.

When your customers buy ISV certified hardware the first thing they are buying therefore is security. This means your software doesn’t just work – it performs to its specifications and delivers on its promises.

Crucially, it also means customers are less likely to experience problems, most notably down-time which can be costly and damaging to businesses and reputations. This added security is particularly valuable for mission-critical applications, and for those working in environments where failure can cost millions – or even cost lives.

So is ISV about security? Well yes it is, but it’s more than that.

When buying ISV certified hardware your customer can have confidence in their choice. ISV is a badge of honour. It means your customers can rely on you.

Workstations are state-of-the-art technology, and technology isn’t cheap, so ISV provides a validation of their choice. It can also form part of the specification documents. Without it, you could be missing out on some huge contracts – particularly in the public sector.

The other issue is support. If customers are running software on non-ISV certified hardware you’re going to hit some problems. Namely, that you won’t be able to count on support. That’s right – if you’re running your software on an unsupported workstation, it’s going to be a short call with your provider.

Security, peace of mind and support: it’s the USP of ISV and it’s worth investing in, for you, your brand and your business.

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