The Intel Core i9: is this the solution for better user experience?

Think Progress Team

Friday 15 September 2017

Intel has made a breakthrough with the launch of the Intel Core i9 family. The company had recently revealed their latest creation in July, causing stir amongst PC enthusiasts. Since then, many people have been talking about the abilities of these chips and what makes them special.

Breaking down the processors

In order to fit the growing demands of users, Intel is constantly updating its processors. From the Intel Core i3 to the all-new Intel Core i9, they are progressively evolving and on the top of technological advancements. Their latest i9 creation is the brand new poster child, whose 18-core processor has caused much discussion.

Intel says these chips were made for intense PC users and include the Turbo Boost Max 3 technology to support the highest speed and boosting of applications. Their goal was to cater to their users’ experience needs, with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich commenting on the evolution of their new solution.

“You’ll see us make maneuvers like we accelerate our Core i9 products, which are all the way up to 18-thread systems on the client-based products,” he said.

Though enticing, these chips don’t come at a generous price; most costing around $1,000 and above, with the infamous 18-core processor costing $2,000.

The high price of the Intel 9 does not make things easier for accessibility. Let’s remember, however, that this chip is aimed at “gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts.” This means you probably shouldn’t spend $2,000 on a chip if you don’t fully need it.

That said, it is important to understand the difference between these processors – this will help you determine which one is good for you:

Intel Core i3

The Intel Core i3 is found in many Lenovo PC models. It’s budget-friendly and less expensive than later Intel processor models (such as the Core i5 and the Core i7). It consists of a dual core, which still creates fast loading time, speedier results, and 4k quality displays – great for your everyday productivity and needs. However, if you are looking for a more memory-intensive device, then the Core i5 and Core i7 may be better options.

Intel Core i5

The Intel Core i5 is faster and better suited for multimedia usage, media creation, multitasking, and other complex computing tasks. It contains four cores, creating its efficient and highly complex capabilities for all your multimedia needs.

Intel Core i7

The Intel Core i7 is more expensive than the Core i5 and the Core i3, as it is a more equipped processor. It has more capabilities – better for multitasking and tasks related to multimedia, gaming, and science. This processor is made with four cores and faster CPU performances.

Intel Core i9

The Intel Core i9 is an all-new Intel processor that is soon-to-be released. It’s thought to be the most powerful chip Intel has produced thus far; evolving from your typical quad-core with 16 PCI Express lanes to an 18-core chip and an expected 44 lanes. The Intel Core 9 is set to be the next generation chip, with one of the most important specs being its performance.

The Intel Core i9 family consists of the Skylake-X architectures with 10, 12, 14, and 16 cores. This processor is designed for gamers and resource-intensive multitasking.

Intel is releasing the 12-core X-series processor on 28 August, followed by the 14 and 18-core chip on 25 September. The four to 10 core chips are available now.

The next solution?

As the next solution for everyday technology, Lenovo is also stepping up its game by implementing the Core i9 into their latest devices, aiming for quicker and greater performances.

As stated in Think Progress, Lenovo is expanding the flexibility of their devices to meet the needs of users’ ever-evolving digital wardrobes. Their partnership with Intel aims to provide improved devices that will not only help users with their daily tasks, but also improve their digital lives. It is with this objective in mind that Lenovo focuses on using all Intel Core processors – from the i3 to the i9.



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