The best of Lenovo gaming laptops


Tuesday 30 January 2018

Lenovo has been quite famous when it comes to gaming laptops. This brand has played a powerful role in the way gaming laptop has performed, with some powerhouse performers within this industry.

That said, finding the right laptop for gaming is not always an easy task. Finding one that can specifically cater to the different games of your choice is difficult. This is why we have prepared some guidelines for finding the ideal gaming laptop for all those gamers.

Here are our top laptop picks for gaming.

Lenovo Legion Y520

The Lenovo Legion Y520 is well-built with a sturdy design, it is also quite light for a 15.6-inch gaming laptop. It is just an inch thick with 2.5kg in weight, which is not exactly light but portable to carry around. Compared to the Asus ROG Strix GL753V, it is a kilogram heavier, which makes the Legion a contender to look out for.

This gaming PC also comes with a powerful display, with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, which creates a very nice and wide angle with very little distortion and darkening when viewed from different angles. Generally, the overall lighting and screen views work well and there were not any complaints when in use. Sometimes there would be glare when faced with bright overhead lighting but other than that, its screen and display work great for your everyday gaming.

In talking about performance, this gaming laptop is powered by the Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor with 16GB of memory and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Overall, the performance was great and there was not much to complain about.

Running on an averaged 42 and 50 frames per second, this PC managed to handle its games very well – running smoothly on most of the games tested. Its use for multimedia is also very well. This PC is definitely great when it comes to not only gaming but also for everyday productivity. The price starts at US $919.99.

Lenovo Legion Y720

The Lenovo Legion Y720 is more similar to the Ideapad Y-series. This does somewhat look cool and nostalgic with a wide exterior covered in aluminium, however, its base does get quite dirty, easily leaving fingerprint marks. If we look at the weight, the Legion Y720 is roughly 3.1kg, with the power adapter it comes down to 3.7kg, which is heavier than most gaming laptops, so not exactly something easy to carry around.

It does, however, has pretty good connectivity ports, as it seems to be well-thought-of. It comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port and a display port, with the Ethernet port located on the left and the HDMI located on the far back. The overall placing of all the ports actually work perfectly, unfortunately, it does not seem to have an SD slot. Connectivity though definitely receives a praise.

One of the good things about this PC is the accessories. The Lenovo Legion Y720 comes with a number of add-ons to choose from, such as the mechanical keyboard, headset, Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse and a 27-inch curved screen monitor. However, this does mean extra cost though.

The Lenovo Legion Y720 has a starting price of US $1,029.59.

Lenovo Legion Y920

The Lenovo Legion Y920 is one of the most advanced gaming laptops Lenovo had launched, as well as one of the most anticipated ones. We want to see whether this new PC can compete with its old counterpart the IdeaPad Y900.

This Legion Y920 design is as aesthetically pleasing as its predecessor the Y900. Made with black-brushed aluminium and a cross-hatch pattern, this PC is clearly easy on the eyes. Measuring at 16.8 x 12.1 x 1.4 inches and weighing in at 4.58kg. This gaming laptop is clearly a heavyweight, as the heaviest compared to all its competitors, so, unfortunately, it will be a bit heavy if you are looking to carry it around.

This PC comes with a 1920 x 1080 display with a 17.3-inch anti-glare screen, which is also equally bright. Its screen is very enjoyable, bright and accurate, averaging at 362 nits of brightness; perfect for gaming and any multimedia needs.

The Legion Y920 comes with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of video memory. In terms of performance, this PC works fairly well, it does, however, does not surpass most gaming laptops, in fact, they roughly work at the same pace. It surpasses in other areas but generally not on a majority level.

Powered by the i7-7820HK with 16 GB of RAM, this PC works great when it comes to multimedia and multitasking. It is definitely powerful for your everyday work or entertainment needs. Overall, great laptop, however, for gaming you might find better prices with around the same quality. The Legion Y920 sells for a price of US $2,299.