Case study: Building a breakthrough business with digital transformation

Think Progress Team

Monday 31 July 2017

Digital transformation came early for Kwese Channels, a large media and entertainment company based in South Africa. The company broadcasts sports, news, movies, TV programs, and other content from African sources as well as global channels such as ESPN, BBC, The Travel Channel, Bloomberg, CNN, and many more. Launched in August of 2016, the company is growing exponentially and already employs more than 800 people.

At the outset, Kwese relied on hardware infrastructure provided by a sister media company in South Africa. All end-user applications such as email, productivity, anti-virus, file serving, and backups were running on local systems. But managing all these disparate systems began to cause support and uptime issues, and the company swiftly made the decision to move these and other services to the cloud. In addition, a wide range of IT applications were still running on-premises, including web servers, customer databases, and Citrix remote access services. The company also needed to support staff that travels extensively or works remotely, so empowering them to work anywhere, anytime, and in anyway is critical to the business. Kwese brought in Kamil Ramborosa, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, to lead the solution to its varied needs.