AI generated content: the future of content?


Tuesday 30 January 2018

As the world is becoming more indulged in the fast-paced lane, we are constantly bombarded with a crazy amount of information. If we see the news today, we are usually surrounded by a number of stories popping out every minute within a day. The news now works as a broadcast of live events where we are the constant victims of this information.

If we Google any topic, we can find a massive influx of content out there. In this fast-paced generating content world, there are more questions raised about the content production area, as in are we too slow for this?

This is why many alternative solutions are popping out, and one of them is artificial intelligence. According to Gartner, 20 percent of businesses will be authored by machines by 2018.

As AI is slowly taking the world by storm, we are seeing more companies shifting into this spectrum. For example, Lenovo has recently launched their new technology for machine learning systems. Lenovo predicted firms would increasingly rely on AI systems to make rapid decisions, predicting there will be 44 trillion gigabytes of data by 2020.

Lenovo is not the only one shifting into this, companies like Google and Amazon are starting to take part in this bandwagon, with products like Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Alexa, we can see the shift this industry is headed for.

The rising content stars

Coming into content, many companies are also starting to shift into AI-generated content. Here a few programs to look out for with the rise of AI-generated content.


A program from Stackla that uses machine learning algorithms to see what content you are going to use next. Co-Pilot creates a selection from an infinite number of posts and content and chooses content that fits your brand determining whether it relates to your brand and learns what you like and takes notes.


Articoolo is an AI-based content generating tool. So you type in the topic you like and then it generates a content for you. The content itself is surprisingly quite accurate and well-structured. This may work as a great tool if you are in a rush or experiencing writer’s block.

Whisper – Perspective

Whisper had recently launched a new program, Perspective, which is a widget that a publisher can add to their article in order to receive relevant perspectives from different users. This widget is also powered by Eliot, a storytelling technology that constructs narratives from Whisper’s content.  So another great way to help in any loss or lack of content.

AI-generated personalization

Other forms of AI-generated content is not in the content itself, however, within the personalization sector. If we see news sites today like BBC, stories that will appear include stories based on our reading preferences.

What does this mean for content?

We are seeing a shift from content where AI itself might be taking over the content industry, not only are we seeing AI generated content from a news perspective, we are seeing it from a social media perspective, a  PPC perspective, and many more.

We pretty much are at a turning point where content on a large-scale level will be based on machine-learning abilities. It is time for us to prepare and either start adapting or become left behind completely.