Best timesaving apps for busy professionals

There are days when you leave the office feeling like you’ve achieved very little. Whether you’ve spent the day doing thankless admin tasks, trying to work out what to do next, or running all over London going from meeting to meeting, there are a number of apps that can help you become more productive.


Evernote is a free app and one of the most popular business aids around, with more than 80 million downloads. The app lets you store notes, photos, documents and tasks in one place and, if you sign up for the business membership, you can easily share these details with colleagues. The business version of the app also lets you maintain client details, gives you more storage space and allows access for an unlimited number of team members. Organisation heaven.


If you spend a lot of time driving to client meetings, and even more looking for a parking spot near their office, ParkMe can help save your time and sanity. This app shows you all the daily parking spots near your destination, along with prices and opening times. A handy colour-code system lets you easily see the cheap from the expensive.


Preparing expense forms at the end of the month can be a real hassle – enter Shoeboxed. Simply scan in receipts with your phone or tablet and the app will collate and prepare them to send to your finance department. The app can also be used for scanning receipts for tax returns.

Dragon Dictation

Not the quickest typist? Download Dragon Dictation and simply voice your emails, reports and tweets. The app instantly transcribes what you’re saying, with minimal corrections needed. You can also use it hands-free, meaning you can start working on a report on your commute back to the office after a meeting. It’s invaluable during meetings too. Record the important parts and save yourself from having to transcribe any notes.


The first step to being more productive is knowing where and how you spend your time. Just put in the project or task you’re working on and Swipetimes will start timing you. Tell the app when you switch to different work – or go to a meeting or check your emails – and you’ll soon see how your day gets filled and if it’s being spent in a productive manner or not.

Once you know how your day is spent, you can start to target the areas that seem to be taking up too much of your time.

These five apps will help you organise your inbox, plan your day and get to meetings on time. What are your favourite timesaving apps?