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When the stakes are high, bet big.

“ThinkStation P320 Tiny packs raw power into a small body.” SlashGear

Heavy duty business needs heavy duty equipment

You can count on Lenovo to bring forward the best tools for high reliability and performance. Especially when it comes to the Workstation family, specifically designed for demanding, complex applications.

Take your business to the next level with ThinkStations’ and ThinkPads’ next generation processing capabilities and ultra-fast memory. Both score very high on processing power, thanks to dual Intel processors and up to 2 TB memory.

From architecture or product design to engineering and oil and gas exploration, Lenovo’s Workstations boast ISV certification for the most intensive applications like rendering, simulation and artificial intelligence.

More power, more performance, more productivity. More ways in which your business can develop faster and easier.

Open up a new dimension of sales and business opportunities to you and your customers.

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More Information

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