Think Progress Team

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Take your education to the next level

With these two devices, whatever challenge you might face, you won’t need to worry:
the ThinkPad 11e and Lenovo N24 are the two perfect companions for your education journey. Equipped with the latest technology standards, you’ll be surprised how fast and efficient you’ll solve any given task.

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  • 1. ThinkPad 11e

    Engineered for Education

    Digital education demands a special kind of PC.
    Rugged and durable enough to withstand classroom use, yet versatile enough to support students’ learning needs. You can find it all in the ThinkPad 11e, a laptop specifically engineered for students and their teachers.

  • 2. Lenovo N24

    Learn, Share & Create – All Day Long

    Engineered for education, the Lenovo N24 is durable enough for the rigors of the classroom. It supports new modes of learning and creativity and is great for sharing and collaboration.

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