Tikiri Wanduragala

Senior Consultant Server Systems for Lenovo EMEA

Tikiri is Senior Consultant Server Systems for the Data Centre Group in Lenovo EMEA.

He started work in the IT industry at IBM during the dawn of the PC era.  He has worked in a number of roles in PC and server systems, covering applications SW development, systems development, product testing, product management, brand management and press and analyst relations across the EMEA region.

Demands on IT are increasing exponentially while budgets are falling; new technologies and ways of working are coming to market that are transforming the classical view of a data centre.  Customers are looking at ways of doing things differently to maximise the potential of their IT infrastructure. His current role addresses these topics.  As a Senior Consultant Server Systems for Lenovo EMEA, he advises customers in the EMEA region on server and data centre optimisation projects.